Kilombero Sugar introduces new affordable sugar packs for retailers

TANZANIA – Kilombero Sugar Company, a subsidiary of Africa’s largest sugar producer Illovo Sugar Africa has launched smaller sugar packs to enhance availability of the commodity at affordable prices at the retail level, Daily News has reported.

According to the company, the initiative was a result of customers’ quest for the product packed in smaller packs thus catering for a wider demographic and attract more consumers in need of sugar but cannot afford bigger packs.

The 350gm and 160gm packs dubbed ‘Robo Plus and Booster’ respectively will retail at lower prices from as low as US$0.22.

These provides an option to low income earners who may not be in a position to afford higher prized or premium packages, at the same time presenting them with best quality options.

“KSC has been strategizing on ways which ‘Bwana Sukari’ product can reach more consumers particularly low income earners countrywide at affordable prices,” said KSC Commercial Director, Mr Fimbo Butala.

“With the new packs, we are giving consumers the option of buying sugar in smaller quantities, at affordable prices and yet pre-packed in hygienic manner.”

Economic impact

The company said in its 2016/17 financial year it supported 8,000 cane grower farmers with 1,613 jobs created through the supply chain, also providing technical and capacity-building support to cane growers, as well as investment in roads and other infrastructure.

According to them, its total contribution to local economy amounted to US$157.74mn last year comprising US$42.94 million in direct impacts and the balance resulting from the multiplier effects of its business operations within the supply chain and wider economy.

Earlier this year, the sugar firm unveiled plans to build a new factory in Morogoro, Tanzania with a general drive to enhance government’s industrialization goals while producing enough for domestic consumption.

It targets to increase sugar production from 126,000 tonnes to 250,000 tonnes per year as the new factory is expected to process 2.5 million tonnes of sugar cane from the current 1.2 million tonnes.

Other main sugar producers in Tanzania include Mtibwa, Kagera and TPC, a unit of Mauritius sugar producer Alteo, all combined producing 320,000 tonnes of sugar per year, thus leaving an estimated gap of 100,000 tonnes, according to theEastAfrican.

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