AUSTRALIA – Nestlé’s KitKat Chocolatory has released a new limited-edition range, KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic, made from one of the world’s rarest cocoas.

The KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic is so named as the cocoa has been sourced from three volcanic islands across Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines,

The confectionery giant said that this type of cocoa is so scarce that it makes up less than 0.2 per cent of global production.

KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic dark chocolate, which is available to consumers across Australia through nationwide online delivery, will feature three different flavours, thanks to the individual nutrients within the soil.

Vanuatu is robustly earthy and bitter, Papua New Guinea is fresh and fruity while the Philippines is intensely spicy and aromatic.

KitKat Chocolatory head chocolatier Connie Yuen commented: “At KitKat Chocolatory, we are passionate about bringing the world’s best and most unique chocolate to Australians, and this new range is truly one of the most special to date.

“We’re delighted to introduce KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic as an exquisite new offering for our chocolate-loving guests.

The product continues confectionery new product development at Nestlé after it launched “the world’s fourth chocolate variety”, Ruby, in Australia last year.

Last month, the candy manufacturing giant released a new chocolate bar without any refined sugar, made entirely from the cocoa fruit and using the beans and pulp as the only ingredients.

Dubbed “KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate”, the new candy will be made of 70% dark chocolate and will contain 40% less sugar than most candy bars that contain added sugar.

Joyce Tan, head of marketing confectionery at Nestlé, said: “We are proud to be continuously moving the dial in terms of chocolate innovation.

“In the past twelve months alone, we’ve seen a nine per cent growth in dark chocolate across the category, so we know the launch of KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic will entice and excite chocolate lovers nationwide,” Tan added.

The new KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic range is available to purchase online, and from the KitKat Chocolatory boutique in Melbourne.

Nestlé will be looking to offer the new edition in countries across the globe from 2020.