ISRAEL – Aleph Farms has secured a major win in Isreal after the country’s chief Rabbi David Baruch deemed its cultivated meat products as Kosher ahead of their launch scheduled for later this year.

The ruling by the leader of Chief Rabbinate, a council for religious certification in Judaism, sets a foundation for an inclusive public discourse on the convergence of the existing traditions and emerging innovations in the society of Israel.

The reason Aleph Farms products were approved was because of their production methods.

 They produce stem cells from a fertilized egg in a lab without any animals being slaughtered as part of an inclusive solution for sustainable and secure food systems.

Their approval opens many doors for the entire cultivated meat sector and indicates an openness among religious authorities to assure their members that cultivated meat is appropriate to consume within the bounds of religion.

It also allows Aleph Farms to get kosher certifications for its production facility in Rehovot and all its products.

The company views this as a milestone that will enable more groups of people to enjoy its products within the bounds of their religion and without any qualms.

Aleph Farms is also in contact with Muslim, Hindu, and other religious authorities for the approval of their products as well.

To this date, Aleph Farms has raised US$120 million and is the first company in Israel to have received such a ruling from a senior halachic authority.

The eminent transition to cultivated meat comes at a time when the global market size for kosher beef is anticipated to reach US$100.85 billion by 2030, according to Research and Markets.

The market is being driven by the growing preference for kosher beef in countries like the US and France, which have the highest Jewish populations.

Aleph Farms is currently working with regulatory agencies in preparation for the commercial launch of their first product, a cultivated slice of beef that will be produced without undergoing genetic engineering.

Co-founded in 2017 by the Israeli food-tech incubator “The Kitchen” of Strauss Group Ltd., and Prof. Shulamit Levenberg of Israel Institute of Technology, Aleph Farms has a vision to provide quality nutrition to anyone, anytime, anywhere in service of the people and the planet.

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