KP Snacks partners TerraCycle to launch packaging recycling initiative in UK

UK – KP Snacks, British producer of branded snacks has partnered with the US-based recycling firm, TerraCycle to launch a nationwide recycling scheme for its products including nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets.

The partners will work to promote recycling by setting up collection points in the UK.

According to the company, the scheme is simple and free to use, enabling consumers return their packets for recycling after use.

It involves all its brands including nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packaging which will be turned into useful materials such as outdoor furniture, waste bins or storage boxes.

Customers were encouraged to encouraged to collect as many packs as they can in one go and then send in larger batches for recycling.

“Phase One of KP’s pacKPromise is to use less packaging.

We have invested significantly in our Hula Hoops factory and are now using 23% less packaging in our Hula Hoops multipacks,” said Mark Thorpe, KP Snacks CEO.

Phase two is to provide a short-term recycling solution, which we are doing with the launch of this new programme with TerraCycle.

Phase three is for our plastic packaging to be fully recyclable by 2025 as part of our membership of the UK Plastics Pact.”

Recycling pledge

The initiative is part of the company’s pacKPromise, a three-stage plan launched this year to enhance its recycling rates across its product portfolio.

The pledge aims to reduce the company’s packaging impact and achieve its long-term goal of making ‘all packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

KP Snacks estimates around 11.2 tonnes of snack packaging could be saved through the packaging pledge.

The scheme offers charity points based on the number of bags collected to encourage consumers to collect and return their packaging.

Once registered, KP Snacks sends customers a collection bin to collect packages then send them to various collection points for shipping to TerraCycle.

Once they arrive, TerraCycle cleans and shreds them ready to be made into small plastic pellets, which will be used to make everyday items.

“TerraCycle is delighted to be working with KP Snacks to launch a solution to recycle nuts, popcorn and pretzel packs of any brand for the first time in the UK.

Simply find the nearest public access drop off location using the interactive map on the TerraCycle website and drop off any empty packs for recycling,” said Laure Cucuron, General Manager, TerraCycle Europe.

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