SOUTH AFRICA – Global doughnut company Krispy Kreme plans to enter South Africa and open 31 shops in the country over the next five years.

It was announced on Thursday that Krispy Kreme has signed a development agreement with KK Doughnuts SA‚ in what is the US company’s first venture into Africa.

KK Doughnuts SA is owned by John & Gerry’s Brands and Fournews‚ the majority partner which has six other well-established brands in its stable: Cafe Fino‚ News Cafe‚ Smooch‚ Moyo‚ illy GO! and the soon-to-be-launched Brooklyn Brothers.

“With our 15 years of experience in the industry and our joint venture with Fournews‚ we are extremely proud to bring this iconic global brand that is Krispy Kreme‚ into the South African market‚” said Gerry Thomas‚ CEO of KK Doughnuts SA.

“The South African consumer is looking for quality and value‚ which is exactly what Krispy Kreme delivers. We’re confident that this popular international brand will quickly become a South African favourite.”

“From Asia to the Middle East and now to Africa‚ the global demand for Krispy Kreme and its signature sweet treats continues to grow‚” said Dan Beem‚ Krispy Kreme’s senior vice president.

“We’ve partnered with an outstanding operator who has vast experience in food service throughout South Africa. We’re confident Krispy Kreme will establish itself as the country’s premier sweet treats provider under their leadership.”

Krispy Kreme is known mostly for its doughnut range — which includes yeast-raised doughnuts‚ cake doughnuts‚ doughnut holes‚ mini-doughnuts and doughnut pops – as well as a broad range of beverages‚ from drip coffee to espresso-based and frozen drinks. RDM News Wire

May 21, 2015;

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