GERMANY – German starch producer Kröner-Stärke has has introduced a new range of clean label wheat proteins, Glutex B to boost its presence in the German and European market.

Glutex B increases the range of products produced by manufacturers as alternatives to meat-based foods such as sausages and burgers with vegan alternatives as consumers shift to what they refer to as a healthier diet, says the company.

The product can be used in meat-free products to complement the vegetarian diet or used in meat products such as minced meat as bulk ingredients and to increase their nutritional properties.

Glutex B is made from vital wheat gluten and could be preferred by health-minded consumers since the company claims the protein lowers overall fat content and reduces cholesterol while keeping protein levels high.

It may find application in a range of products including meatballs, burgers and vegetarian Bolognaise Sauce to ready meals.

It’s a perfect alternative for meat products in vegetarian dishes, giving the consumer the desirable meat-like bite, combining structure and texture control with protein enrichment, excellent consistency and binding properties.

Another version of protein invention is Proplex, a wheat based protein ideal for use in a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sausages.

Its excellent moulding properties and capacity to bind water and fat makes it an alternative to vegetable binding agents and proteins.

“We have developed a wide variety of wheat protein products that lend themselves perfectly to being incorporated in healthy, high-protein food ranges adhering to clean-label and vegan standards.

Germany is leading the way with meat substitutes in Europe and is witnessing a steady rise in vegetarianism.

Our wheat proteins are developed specifically to enable food manufacturers to diversify into high-quality meat substitutes and bring added functionality and nutritional value to traditional favorites across the country and in Europe,” said Maren Wiese, Kröner-Stärke´s product development technician.

According to FoodIngredientsFirst, Kröner-Stärke’s consistent development of meat alternatives has been influenced by the growing market and international growth of population who advocate for meat replacement in the near future.

In Europe, the number of vegetarians is increasing while some other people are shifting from meat to non-meat products, thus a promising ready market for their new developed products.

“Based on wheat protein, we see different opportunities to establish protein mixes with other protein sources.

For human nutrition these mixes could offer perfect properties with regards to the quality of the protein,” said a Kröner-Stärke spokesperson.