GERMANY – Kröner-Stärke, organic starches manufacturer has launched new clean label spelt gluten and starches range for bakery and meat products applications.

The Vital Spelt Gluten and Spelt Starches are said to contain no additives, are GMO-free and meets the growing need for natural options among the health-conscious consumers.

Both ranges can be used in most baking applications while the gluten can be used as a meat replacer for customers world-wide.

They will be produced from the company’s all-natural processing facility without the use of microbiocides, a substance used to reduce microbe infectivity.

The spelt starch range includes native spelt starches for use in bakery products where volume, a fine crumb structure or a crunchy structure is required, such as in pound cakes or cookies.

Also available is pregelatinized spelt starch used to increase water absorption and dough hydration, as well as extending the shelf life and freshness of baked goods such as bread and cake.

“We see a big chance in our pregelatinized spelt starch. Spelt is very popular in the bakery sector but it makes baked goods dry,” said a spokesperson for Kröner-Stärke to FoodIngredientsFirst.

“Using our pregelatinized spelt starch will provide a better mouthfeel, freshness and a longer shelf life, due to its increased water absorption and dough hydration.”

The gluten is well suited for breads, bread rolls, pastries and baking mixes due to its visco-elastic properties which help increase volume and stabilize doughs and batters.

The gluten’s water absorption abilities help retain freshness while aiding texture control making it ideal for use as a meat replacer in products such as burgers, sausages and nuggets.

“We have been carefully developing our new spelt range for some time now and are delighted to launch it to the British and European markets,” said Henrik de Vries, Kröner-Stärke’s Commercial Manager.

“It presents a perfect solution for food processors who wish to exploit the fantastic functionality and nutritional benefits of ancient grains across the bakery sector and vegan market.

“Our new product range enables firms to diversify their ranges to meet current consumer demands.”

According to Kroner-Starke, there is an increase in demand for traditional ancient grains in Europe and spelt is popular for its nutritional profile, taste and wholesomeness.