GERMANY – Kroner Starke, a German global company that produces high functional natural products in organic and conventional quality, has unveiled a new clean label replacer, REGG-EX amidst egg supply chain pressures on the food industry in the European market.

REGG-EX offers food processors with technical and natural product that allows them to simplify bakery formulas and avoid use of artificial ingredients.

In addition to its ability to lower cholesterol levels, it’s easy to handle, simple to store, long shelf-life and alternative for vegans.

Without any compromise on texture and authenticity of the recipe, the product will allow bakers to use a reliable, cost-effective alternative to eggs.

Kroner Starke has combined its team of expertise to offer an alternative solution to food processors and bakers, a sector that has been marred with controversies.

The European egg industry entered a sway in 2017 following the discovery of fipronil contaminated eggs, allegations that linked a Dutch company colluding with a Belgian supplier, mixing fipronil with a cleaning and sanitizing solution, then applying it on or near egg-laying hens to treat lice and ticks.

The egg replacer is produced naturally from selected quality wheat flours and untreated spring water, is 100% clean label and can be used in various applications.

It is particularly suitable for fine wares bakery applications such as pound cake, muffins and bakery mixes, offering the desired baking properties and at the same time reducing the egg content by 30-40%.

However, in milk rolls, the product enables a complete replacement of the egg.

This presents bakers with an opportunity to reduce or completely replace egg content in their products with altering the binding and relaxing functionality of eggs.

“We have already supplied our egg replacer to a well-known frozen bakery company who was able to achieve an excellent end-product with the desired texture.

A further example involved supplying REGG-EX as a 100 percent egg replacement for a European producer of milk bread rolls (like Brioche) – again with outstanding results,” said Maren Wiese, Kröner-Stärke’s product development technician.

Kroner Starke is responding to consumer preference for simple labelling, vegan and non-GMO diets by developing different varieties in totally organic form to fulfil their specific needs.

According to Henrik de Vries, Commercial Manager at Kröner-Stärke, REGG-EX main applications are baking products, cakes and milk rolls.

He said that the egg industry is facing shortages despite market fluctuations and the demand for vegan items was also increasing.