KENYA – The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (commonly referred to as KSMS) will be the venue for the 2016 edition of the African Food Manufacturing & Safety Summit (AFMASS) Conference & Expo.

KSMS is the premier training institution located along the main Thika Highway, less than 10km from the Nairobi City Centre, Kenya.

It is a Government owned facility that has over the years served as a premier training facility for the country’s and the region’s top bankers and finance professionals and managers.

A hidden gem, the School offers the kind of atmosphere for AFMASS, considering that the conference requires a quiet atmosphere, and which should also be easily accessible to the delegates and exhibition visitors.

“KSMS provides us with the best of both Worlds. It offers a tranquil, serene environment for the Summit away from the busy and bustling Nairobi City Centre. This environment will work perfectly for our conference.

It can also be easily accessed from the main Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, major hotels and the Industrial Areas of Nairobi and Thika, two of Kenya’s industrial hubs.

It therefore offers delegates and exhibition visitors easy access to the venue, and with adequate parking and availability of other amenities at the venue, KSMS will be an excellent venue for AFMASS” note the organisers of AFMASS, FoodWorld Media.

“The KSMS venue removes a lot of the bottle-necks that we could have faced hosting the event in the city center. Nairobi being a growing city faces a huge challenge with traffic congestion, while parking can be a huge nightmare to delegates and visitors.

With its location away from the city centre, KSMS is the perfect alternative and the best option for our exhibitors, delegates and expo visitors,” add the organisers.

KSMS offers more than just the conference venue. With a 160-bed capacity accommodation facility, which is currently under renovation and expansion, restaurants and associated facilities, it is a home away from home.

However, the accommodation facility may not be ready by the time of the conference, the organisers have been informed by the management of KSMS.

A number of hotels are located along the Thika Highway, some within a walking distance from KSMS, to cater for the exhibitors, delegates and visitors to AFMASS.

Those who reside in the city center and Westlands suburbs can also access the venue easily, providing a number of options for the Summit attendees.


The African Food Manufacturing & Safety Summit (AFMASS) Conference & Expo is the region’s food processing, packaging and food safety conference and exhibition.

AFMASS provides a great and unique platform – with the focus of bringing the entire food and beverage processing sector; suppliers of equipment, packaging, ingredients and services; Government regulatory authorities; NGOs and development partners and other stakeholders together to the industry to learn, network and trade.

AFMASS is the only such show in Eastern and Central Africa. With visitors and delegates from a number of African countries, AFMASS is the ultimate food industry trade show in the region.

For more info, reach out to the organisers, FoodWorld Media on info(at) or visit the event website: