SOUTH AFRICA – Renowned South African brandy producer, KWV has expanded its brandy portfolio with the launch of KWV VS (Very Special) POTSTILL Brandy.  

This extraordinary brandy is meticulously aged in small French Oak barrels and composed of 100% POTSTILL Brandy.  

Its development was spearheaded by Pieter de Bod, an expert in the premium spirits industry and a dedicated African Brandy Foundation Board member. 

De Bod describes this golden liquid as the embodiment of ripe apple and oak spices, elevated by delicate nuances of vanilla.  

He continues, “These elements harmonise to craft a smooth brandy with a tantalisingly spicy and fruity palate. The aroma entices with the fragrance of ripe apples, accompanied by subtle notes of vanilla.” 

The South African-based brandy producer said that KWV VS POTSTILL Brandy can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the foundation for exquisite cocktails. 

“Its versatility and exceptional quality make it the perfect choice for connoisseurs and new enthusiasts,” it added.  

While KWV’s VS POTSTILL Brandy was only recently released, it has already garnered acclaim with a Double Gold medal at the Veritas Awards on October 15, 2023. 

Veritas Awards celebrates wines and spirits of exceptional quality, making the swift recognition of KWV’s latest creation a testament to its outstanding craftsmanship. 

KWV Spirits Marketing Executive Nuno Fernandes says, “We are incredibly proud! The Veritas Double Gold accolade ranks among the industry’s most esteemed, underscoring the quality and excellence that define our products”.  

With a legacy of crafting exceptional spirits dating back to 1918, KWV has solidified its global prominence in the fiercely competitive world of premium spirits.  

In 2022, KWV was awarded the prestigious World’s Best Brandy and Cognac Producer Award for the fifth consecutive year, reinforcing its position as the most consistently awarded brandy and cognac producer over the last decade.  

The launch of KWV VS marks a meaningful step in the company’s journey, positioning it to challenge the revered Cognac segment.