USA – Tate & Lyle and Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, a sustainability focused technology and on-farm business management venture have announced a new collaboration on advancing conservation practices for sustainable corn sourcing.

The partnership enables Tate & Lyle, a significant user of U.S.-grown corn, to enhance sustainable agriculture by helping corn farmers target and measure the impact of their environmental stewardship efforts, using the latest technology.

It enables the company and its customers to make informed decisions about their supply chain environmental strategies.

The platform complements Truterra Insights Engine, a new interactive on-farm digital platform from Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN that helps farmers scale their environmental stewardship efforts and assess return-on-investment in real time, acre-by-acre.

“This collaboration bolsters Tate & Lyle’s efforts to increase sustainability throughout the value chain, using the industry-leading Truterra Insights Engine,” said Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President of Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN.

“Our on-farm conservation practices and technology support a two-pronged approach to sustainability – helping protect natural resources while improving farmer livelihoods. Consumers care deeply about how their food is produced.

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN can aid in implementing specific conservation practices to achieve broader sustainability goals for food companies like Tate & Lyle – and help them demonstrate the results in clear terms.”

The Truterra Insights Engine is designed to facilitate collaboration and impact throughout the industry.

The full suite of the Truterra offering uses technology and collaboration to advance the food and agricultural industry’s ability to enable conservation at scale across a variety of crops, commodities and commitments.

The collaboration also seeks to drive sustainability across the food system, feeding people, safeguarding the planet and supporting farmer livelihoods.

“True sustainability starts on the farm,” said Betsy Bower, Agronomist at Ceres Solutions, a leading agricultural retailer in Indiana.

“In order to deliver large-scale corporate sustainability commitments, we need to work with the farmer on every acre in a way that works for them and their business. Utilizing the Truterra Insights Engine through partnerships like this one make scalable impact possible.

Together, we continuously adapt to improve the delicate balance between productivity, profit and preservation.”