FRANCE – Lesaffre has acquired the Alltech’s yeast extract facility in Serbia as part of the company’s plan to expand into the health and nutrition business.

The transaction concurs with Lesaffre’s objective to build a strong business while focusing on crop and animal nutrition.

Lesaffre is using its 165 years’ experience and expertise in yeast and fermentation products to lay a foundation for a great nutrition and health business in a bid to grow its yeast extract market.

Under a new name, Biospringer RS, the Alltech’s Serbia facility will continue to produce baker’s yeast to serve the bakery industry in Serbia as well as yeast extracts.

Through its Biospringer Lesaffre culinary solutions hub, the company was committed to success of its yeast extract business through a wide range of formulations and recipes to demonstrate the benefits of their clean label ingredients and the variety of yeast products applications.

“On the yeast extracts and its derivatives market, Lesaffre is recognised as a reliable partner with expertise in producing tailor-made solutions,” said Antoine Baule, CEO Lesaffre.

“This acquisition will strengthen our presence in this market.

In fact, now with eight facilities established around the world (Western and Eastern Europe, China, United States, Brazil), we are all the more committed to meeting our customer specific needs globally.”

This move purposes to serve the growing yeast market which has found yeast applications for soups, sauces, broths, gravies, in snack seasonings such as potato chips and crackers, meat and fish, dairy, bakery and savory flavor applications.

According to Alric Blake, CEO Alltech, Alltech was pleased to sell the facility to a family group recognised internationally for its professionalism and the quality of its products and services.

The acquisition presents Lesaffre an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Alltech company through its expertise in fermentation and fermentation derivatives.

Alric added that it was the perfect company to acquire and drive the business for future growth.

“Alltech meanwhile will continue to focus on its core activities following unprecedented growth in recent years,” she added.