USA – LG Electronics USA, subsidiary of the South Korea-headquartered technology company, has developed an indoor gardening appliance as its forays into the booming indoor gardening movement.

The revolutionary built-in column-style indoor gardening appliance uses advanced technology to provide convenient automated solutions for growing foods at home.

The cultivator employs advanced light, temperature and water control, convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app to help users cultivate nutrient-rich and flavorful greens inside their own homes.

The technology behemoth says that the indoor gardening appliance enables even the “most novice” of gardeners to experience the “joys of having a green thumb.”

According to LG, the innovative indoor gardening appliance cultivates crisp, fresh herbs and vegetables all year-round allowing consumers have control of the source of their food while pursuing a healthier, greener lifestyle.

Revolutionary Technology

Utilizing flexible modules, the appliance replicates optimal outdoor conditions by precisely matching the temperature inside the insulated cabinet with the time of day.

It also features LED lights, forced air circulation, and wick-based water management which allow seeds to transform quickly into ingredients for delicious recipes and dishes.

According to LG, the advanced gardening system is capable of holding up to 24 all-in-one seed packages, enough for a family of four to enjoy the health benefits and culinary advantages of cooking with home-grown produce.

A key component of the automated gardening solution is LG’s non-circulating water supply technology, which evenly distributes the exact amount of water that the plant packages require.

“This core technology prevents algae growth and prevents unpleasant odors for a hygienic environment where natural herbs and leafy vegetables can grow,” the company explains.

In addition, a companion smartphone app helps users manage and monitor their plants, offering useful guidance at each step along the way to ensure a successful harvest every time.

The all-in-one seed packages also contain a peat moss and fertilizer, making it easy for immediate planting.

Initial packages will include 20 different varieties including romaine and other types of lettuce, arugula, chicory, and basil.