UK – Liver Health UK has developed a new coffee-based drink called LivOn!, a low sugar, low calorie, antioxidant drink designed to reduce the risk of developing chronic liver disease.

LivOn! contains antioxidants derived from coffee and green bean coffee extract, and the brand claims these ingredients help to improve liver health.

According to FoodBev, this new product has been developed to address the growing number of people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), as Liver Health UK estimates that 15 million people in the UK have the disease.

LivOn! is packaged in 250ml bottles, contains 38 calories and is currently available in salted caramel flavour, though a mocha flavour will be introduced in the near future.

Liver Health UK says that 6% of every LivOn! sale is donated to charities Liver GroupCharity and Liver 4 Life, in order to fund research into combating the disease.

LivOn! was developed with the aid of Professor Filomena Morisco, chief scientific officer for Liver Health UK.

Morisco also conducted research which determined the positive effects coffee can have in combating chronic liver disease.

“A common misconception is that alcohol is the major cause of liver disease – but research shows otherwise.

With no external symptoms in the early stages of liver damage, many of those suffering from NAFLD are completely unaware.

A majority of liver disease today is caused by poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles.

I believe we need to re-think how we tackle this looming public health issue. That’s why we are doing our bit by launching LivOn!,” said Asanka De Silva, CEO and founder of Liver Health UK.

LivOn! is available online from Amazon, RealFoods and direct for LivOn!.