TANZANIA – A local sunflower cooking oil company Sunbelt, says it will start exporting edible oil to three countries starting from next month.

The company’s president, Leo Lee, said recently that they have found new markets for the oil they produce in China, Singapore and Uganda while negotiations are at advanced stage to export Sunbelt cooking oil to Zambia and Rwanda.

He said they will be exporting to China more than 400 tonnes annually and 100 tonnes to Singapore and Uganda.

Lee described the export debut as very good to the Tanzanian economy as it will help serve the country’s foreign currency and also create more job opportunities for Tanzanians.

According to him his company employees 200 people at its Zuzu factory in Dodoma and the number will increase once they start exporting the edible oil.

He also said this is good as it has come at the time when many cooking oil stakeholders are complaining on the availability of imported cooking oil in the local market.

“We are very pleased to announce that from next month we will start exporting Sunbelt Cooking Oil to China and Singapore, this is very good news to the economy of the country and it also shows that our cooking oil is of high quality,” he said.

This has come at the time when the 2015 World Bank report indicates that Tanzania is among the top five countries in Africa which have high availability of imported cooking oil.

May 24, 2016; http://www.ippmedia.com/business/local-chinese-firm-make-edible-oil-export-debut