Locally produced complete layer feed by Koudijs launches in Ghana to enhance poultry production

GHANA – Koudijs Ghana Ltd, part of Netherlands based Koudijs Animal Nutrition, subsidiary of Royal De Heus has launched the revolutionary complete layer feed solution in the market.

According to the leading producer of complete feed programs, concentrates and premixes in Ghana, the new feed provides poultry farmers with the right and strictly controlled nutrients in the most balanced ratios.

It eliminates the challenge that most farmers face of purchasing poultry feeds from multiple suppliers, containing different qualities and later mixing them to feed the birds.

This wasn’t the best practise as it resulted in poor quality out-put.

“With more than 100 years of experience in animal nutrition, we aim to be a safe haven for our customers, especially in these uncertain times where farmers are looking for reliable suppliers.”

Mr. Hugo Visher – The General Manager of Koudijs Ghana Limited

“With the newly introduced complete feed by Koudijs, you no longer need to be dependent on multiple suppliers, all with their own qualities, nor do you need to mix your own raw materials.

“This saves time and protects your farm from non-consistency in your feed concentrates and you are always guaranteed the best, most complete animal feed of the highest quality that is developed according to the latest scientific insight,” Mr. Hugo Visher, the General Manager of Koudijs Ghana Limited said.

The customized solution is a locally produced product and the Chief Executive Office of the Royal De Hues, Mr Koen de Heus revealed that the company plans to source 15 per cent of its raw materials locally within the next three years, as part of its global sustainable goals.

“With more than 100 years of experience in animal nutrition, we aim to be a safe haven for our customers, especially in these uncertain times where farmers are looking for reliable suppliers,” said Mr Koen.

The product is produced at its newly built factory, sitting on a 500 acre-land in Tema, with a production capacity of 90,000 tons a year.

Construction of the company’s first compound animal feed factory in West Africa commenced in 2019, marking an important milestone for Koudijs as it transitioned from an importer to a local processor.

Koudijs-De Heus has been active in Ghana since 2005, initially as an exporter of animal feed from its home country.

Mr. Hugo Visher expressed his excitement saying, “Today, we the importer of feeds are now recognized in the Ghanaian market as producers and sellers of local layer feed concentrate according to Dutch quality standards, we are very grateful for that.”

“We want to make a difference in the farmer’s life and that is what we want to achieve. We believe that with the right products, we will be able to change things in the poultry sector and if we are able to do that, it will also help improve on the life of the farmers,” he added.

Royal De Heus started as a local grain mill in Barneveld, the Netherlands in 1911. Since then, it has become an internationally leading producer and exporter of a complete range of feed concentrates.

Company name: Koudijs Ghana Ltd

Product type: Poultry Feed

Innovation: New product

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