Louis Dreyfus Company develops orange juice with reduced sugar content and higher fiber content

FRANCE – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a French multinational merchant and processor of agricultural goods, has developed a new product made from not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice with more fiber, less sugar-content, and maintains nutritional value.

The company noted the NFC orange juice has a 30% reduction in natural sugar content and more than triple dietary fiber content while preserving its original taste (Brix value) and vitamin C level.

Although the company plans to make a commercial roll-out of the product initially focused on Asia Pacific, with the first launch set for early 2023 in China, the new product is available to industrial customers worldwide.

This will include Europe, North America, and South America, where the Group sees growing consumer demand for healthy, nutritious, great-tasting diet options.

Generally, the wide array of flavors, preservative-free and sugar-free fruit juices, health-focused drinks, and sustainability are driving the growth of the manufacturers in the juice market and also giving them a competitive advantage over the other market players.

Vintage Market Research projects the global Juice market, valued at US$1,849 Million in 2020, to reach US$3552 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.55% from 2021 to 2028.

Juan José Blanchard, LDC’s Global Head of Juice said: “Complementing our extensive portfolio of juices and ingredients from Brazilian-grown citrus fruits, this new product represents another positive step in LDC’s strategy to diversify revenue through value-added products, including specialty ingredients and products like this one.”

“Leveraging our global network and partnerships, LDC aims to bring this new product to the global market in collaboration with leading beverage industry players, contributing to the advent of healthy, nutritious juice product options that respond to consumer expectations, while continuing to invest in R&D activities targeting further reductions in sugar content.”

Furthering its five-year research effort by the Group’s in-house R&D laboratory team of food engineers, chemists, and biotechnologists in Bebedouro, São Paulo State, Brazil, LDC has also developed a successful process to reduce sugar content in orange juice.

The sugar reduction process and the NFC orange juice are in line with the company’s commitment to offering nutritious, high-quality juices that address growing consumer demand, according to the company.

The announcement follows the divestment of assets of Elkhorn Valley Ethanol (“EVE” or the “Plant”) by LDC to CIE, which helps the global leader in grain-based specialty alcohol expand capacity and geographic reach.

CIE serves customers from Fortune 500 spirit, food, and fragrance brands to niche artisan craft distilleries.

With the acquisition of a second facility, the Marion-based company gains ability to continue to serve its growing customer base by increasing capacity and expanding CIE’s strategic footprint within the United States.

Located in Norfolk, Nebraska, the plant is known for its efficient operations, superior logistics, and history of strong production.

Per the agreement between the two companies, all employees will continue in their current roles.

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