ISRAEL – Lycored, a producer of lycopene-based colour and taste-enhancing ingredients for food and beverages, has launched the HueFinder, a colour matching tool to help manufacturers find the perfect hue for their products.

The company said that the new HueFinder, which is available online, aims to accelerate the ingredient selection process by offering easy access to application-specific insights to product developers who are exploring how to bring vibrant colours to their formulations naturally.

The tool allows users to answer a few questions about their product, then select the preferred color from a range of colors on a horizontal bar.

The tool then provides the information on which of Lycored’s natural red, pink, gold, yellow or orange products will create the desired color.

Christiane Lippert, head of marketing (food), at Lycored, said, “The process of finding the right shade to meet color challenges and taste issues can be a daunting, time-consuming task for product developers. ​

“HueFinder seeks to harness our depth of application expertise and stability studies to make the selection process much smoother.”​

“Our vertically integrated color portfolio of red shades is made from natural lycopene extracted from tomatoes, while our yellow, gold and oranges are sourced from our particular super producing strain of fungus called Blakeslea trispora.”​

According to the company both are tested for stability across multiple applications including flavoured waters, UHT treated dairy drinks, juice-based beverages, hard coated confectionery, cheeses, prepared fruits and syrups, yogurts, fortified gummies and surimi seafood.

Taste neutral and temperature and light-stable, Lycored’s colourants are pH independent, and resilient enough to withstand the rigours of industrial food and beverage processing. Lycored’s food colorant range is non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, Halal and allergen free.