SPAIN – Mahou San Miguel, a Spanish brewing company, has invested US$3.75 million in its hospitality industry to develop the company’s sustainable chiller.

According to the FoodBev, the company said that the new Ecocooler chiller uses propane for refrigeration, which reduces the carbon emissions of the chiller to zero while increasing refrigeration yield by 8%.

This means that the chiller provides “greater cooling power” with lower energy consumption, and the company estimates that the chiller will reduce energy costs by between 12 and 15% while also offering a sustainable refrigeration solution.

Mahou San Miguel claimed that the new chiller demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability, and reiterated that it would be investing US$34.1 million over the next three years as part of its “We are 2020” sustainability scheme.

“We have already installed 19,933 units in more than 5,000 hotel customers throughout Spain,” said Segura Peio Arbeloa, general director of Mahou San Miguel’s Spanish unit.

The cooler has also been designed with the limited space of hotel bars in mind, and three sizes are available to buyers, all of which have smaller dimensions than chillers currently produced by the company.

“Our investment in this initiative is part of our constant commitment to providing value solutions to the hospitality industry through innovation and, of course, with the sustainable development of our business and that of our customers, taking care of our environment.”

Spanish beer maker Mahou San Miguel has joined forces with 20 of its domestic distributors in a bid to improve the sustainability of its distribution chain.

The group has provided training aimed at identifying challenges and good practices to integrate sustainability into their businesses.

They include innovative urban distribution solutions and technologies for the efficient delivery of goods.

In addition, attendees had the opportunity to hear first-hand testimony about the potential benefits of sustainability for distribution companies.

It’s part of an initiative called ‘We Advance Together’, launched by Mahou San Miguel in 2015, that has reached more than 300 professionals from 150 companies across Spain so far.

The Madrid-headquartered company hopes to provide the requisite tools for all its partners – including suppliers and distributors – to implement strong, sustainable practices in their businesses.