SPAIN – Mahou San Miguel has made an agreement to acquire shares in Avery Brewing, one of the artisan beers with the greatest recent growth in the United States and a high potential for development.

The agreement has enabled the company to take another step in its internationalisation strategy and its positioning as the driving Spanish brewer behind the craft sector.

According to the company, through this transaction, it acquired 30% of the North American company whose products are distributed in 33 states, among which are highly competitive markets such as Colorado, California or Texas.

Both companies have the aim of promoting the organic growth of Avery Brewing investing in innovation and quality, which will enable it to reinforce its presence in current US markets and reach new ones, even beyond its borders.

“This new alliance, between two family companies, has been possible thanks to the passion we share for beer and tradition and that we have similar values.

We share the commitment with the communities in which we are present, our long-term vision, concern for the sustainability and well-being of individuals and our aim of doing things right, placing the consumer always at the centre of our decisions.

This operation strengthens us as the driving Spanish brewer behind the craft sector and will reinforce our positioning in the United States,” stated Eduardo Petrossi, CEO, Mahou San Miguel.

“Dad and I decided two years ago that in order to fulfil our vision of the new brewery and all of Avery Brewing’s potential, it made a lot of sense to seek a partner,” said Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing.

“At that time, we established our criteria for our perfect partner: minority investor, privately held and family owned entity, long-term investment, strategic advantages, and good people with shared values.

Mahou San Miguel emphatically checked all of those boxes for us and is our ideal partner for continued growth, remaining faithful to our beers and our culture.

It is with great satisfaction that we stand side by side such a respected family company with a dedicated focus on brewing and the future.”

The agreement also fits within Mahou San Miguel’s vision to continue exploring international opportunities along with partners who provide their knowledge of local consumers and markets and offer the finest assurances, both in product quality and distribution.

The brewery was founded in 1993 in Boulder, Colorado, as the product of the entrepreneurial spirit of Adam Avery, who at the time had only just turned 27 years of age.

Its high quality products have been awarded 12 medals in the prestigious Great American Beer Festival and have positioned it as one of the main brewers in the US craft segment.