UK – BOL, UK’s food company, has removed meat and fish from its range of ready-to-eat pots of salads, soups, and other meals in a bid to reduce its environmental footprint.

According to Plant Based News, the company has completed its transformation into an animal-free brand.

BOL said ditching dairy means it will save the equivalent of 91,000 square metres of farmland, 7 million litres of water and 194 tonnes of CO2 across just one year.

As a result of its new plant-based stance, BOL will be launching more than 10 new products this year – including four brand new Salad Jar recipes as well as seven new recipe Veg Pots.

The company has been working with nutritionist Ian Marber to create recipes it says are both healthy and tasty.

In addition, BOL is moving its kitchen to Lincolnshire.

“This move to the heartland of British produce ensures the best ingredient quality and sustainable sourcing: 80 percent of all UK grown ingredients come from within 50 miles of the new site and it widely uses wonky veg rejected from supermarkets,” said a spokesperson.

“This drastically improves BOL Foods’ footprint and therefore impact on the environment.

The new facility has been zero waste to landfill for the last three years and is also a carbon neutral site.”

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Paul Brown, founder of BOL Foods said: “Back in February, we made the commitment that this Summer BOL would become 100 percent plant-based – well, as of this week we’ve now ditched dairy in the final piece of our plant-powered jigsaw.

We’re on a mission to inspire the world to eat more plants, whether at home or on the go & our new range of delicious Veg Pots, Salad Jars and Super Soups are now more local, fresher and tastier than ever.

We’re not perfect, but I believe businesses can be a force for good in helping both people and the planet and this marks another step towards that for us. Eat plants, love life.”