KENYA – In a strategic move to diversify its product offerings and cater to the evolving tastes of its customers, Malbro Africa one of East Africa’s leading FMCG company, has unveiled its latest addition to the Nuvita brand family – Nuvita Thins.

The new product takes the form of a baked potato snack that promises a crunchy and savoury experience.

Available in convenient 50g packs, Nuvita Thins have been introduced in five delectable flavours, making it a versatile choice for snack enthusiasts.

The flavor lineup for Nuvita Thins boasts a delightful array that includes Sour Cream and Herb, Simply Salted, Mediterranean Tomato, Fruit Chutney, and Barbecue.

These distinct flavours are aimed at satisfying diverse snacking preferences, from those who prefer a classic and simple taste to those seeking a bold and tangy snacking adventure.

Introducing NuVita Thins! – a marvel of crunchiness and taste. Get ready to experience snacking in a whole new light!,” the company noted in a LinkedIn post.

This launch is expected to not only further strengthen the Nuvita brand’s presence in the market but also provide consumers with a wider range of choices for their snacking pleasures.

Additionally, Malbro Africa’s introduction of Nuvita Thins aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of a dynamic consumer market.

“We specialise in producing a wide range of biscuits, cookies, cakes and wafers under the NuVita brand, all of which are created using the finest ingredients,” the company said.

“Our love for baking exceptional biscuits began as a result of the domination of imported products in the market and the inability of the local industries to produce good quality biscuits.”

Malbro’s Nuvita brand continues to make waves in the snack industry with its latest offerings that cater to the evolving tastes of consumers.

The Nuvita brand is widely recognized for its innovation, high standards, and diverse selection of snacks created to please a wide spectrum of consumers.

In addition to the crunch of Nuvita Thins, the brand holds a wholesome blend of Nuvita Crunchy Mix, the light and crispy Nuvita Rice Cakes, protein-packed Nuvita Protein Bars, or the Nuvita Veggie Chips.