FRANCE – Mane, the fragrance and flavor industry based in France has launched a new range of marinades targeting the European consumers who are continuously developing a taste for Asian flavors.

According to the company, the launch of the new range of marinades constitutes its idea in developing savory consumer food products and meet consumer need for unique, sensational culinary experience.

The ranges of marinade products include various profiles including Pure Culture, Sense Capture, Jungle Essence and Sense Capture.

Mane is putting great insights in various surveys including the European survey about marinated meat and Innova Market Insights to get knowledge of appropriate ingredients and technologies for natural savory products.

According to Innova Market Insights, new launches of savory products with a typical Asian taste increased on average by 22% per annum between 2011-2016.

All these efforts are an attempt to understand consumer expectations to offer the best flavor solutions for the success of their products.

“We did not want to include in our collection an umpteenth version of a 5 Spices marinade or a Sweet & Sour marinade.

Indeed, over the years we have witnessed that consumers have gained greater knowledge in Asian cuisine.

This is why we wanted to recommend appropriate references that enable supermarkets to provide renewed ranges in store, as well as guaranteeing an authentic taste experience,” said Fanny Dézert, Meat Business Development & Marketing Manager for Western.

According to Dominique Delfaud, Director Market Intelligence for Strategic Development of Flavours EMEA at Mane, the trend was driven by diversity and curiosity for new tastes.

She added that due to customers’ need for multi-sensorial experience; they had spotted two fast-moving flavors which offer highly appealing aromatics and the thrill of warm and biting sensations.

Mane is focused on providing innovatory spices for savory applications through its existing technologies to address the challenges in the spice market.

It has developed various spices including Sense Capture spices developed specially for meat applications such as minced meat, emulsified meats and dried meats.