BRAZIL Marfrig Global Foods, a leading global beef producer and the world’s largest beef patty producer, is launching its proprietary brand of plant-based burgers, the Revolution Burger.

The brand will be sold at retailers and in food service chains. In early 2020, Marfrig will also launch an exclusive Revolution burger in Outback Steakhouse which the company says will be different from the rest of the market.

Marfrig said that the launch of the Revolution Burger is yet another step in the company’s strategy to expand its portfolio of innovative high-value products and to offer consumers options adapted to their shopping, eating and convenience habits.

In August, the company innovated by taking to market Brazil’s first mass-produced plant-based burger, which is made from plants, but has a meaty taste. Marfrig later began supplying plant-based burgers for the flagship burger of a fast food chain.

“We are constantly making progress in expanding our portfolio,” said Eduardo Miron, CEO of Marfrig Global Foods.

“And the launch of a proprietary brand that reflects the products’ quality and the company’s relationship with the client chain was a fundamental step in this process.”

In addition to burgers, the Revolution brand will be used for other plant-based products developed by Marfrig.

Revolution products will be made at the Várzea Grande Unit in Mato Grosso state, which also produces Marfrig’s other plant-based burgers.

Marfirg has also partnered with Outback Steakhouse, one of the largest casual dining chains in Brazil, with steakhouses located in 42 cities nationwide, for an exclusive Revolution recipe different from those provided in other markets.

Outback Steakhouse will launch Marfrig’s plant-based burger on its menu by the end of February 2020.

According to Marfrig, the special Revolution burger served at Outback is developed specifically for the Australian thematic brand and features a more artisanal profile and exclusive flavors and aromas to create a unique flavor profile.

The company also plans to start exporting the burger to the Chinese market begin 2020. In August, Marfrig announced a partnership with ADM for the production and sale of plant-based protein products in Brazil.