USA – World’s leading chocolate and chewing gum manufacturer, Mars Wrigley Confectionery has introduced a new variety of Twix Triple chocolate cookie bars in the US.

The new treat is a unique cookie experience made of chocolate cookie bars, chocolate caramel, and cloaked in milk chocolate, says Wrigley.

It will be available in the US this month, in singles packs (1.41 oz) or a share size (2.82 oz).

“Our consumers are seeking chocolate treats that play on texture and crunch,” said TWIX Brand Director, Michelle Deignan.

“This new flavor takes the classic TWIX Cookie Bar our fans know and love and combines it with three-times the chocolate to create a new favorite for all chocolate lovers.”

This is a continued expansion of the Twix portfolio that entails crunchy cookie, smooth caramel, and creamy chocolate.

Twix caramel bar was first launched in the United States in 1979.

Last year, Mars unveiled a dark chocolate version of its Twix bar, featuring the brand’s signature shortbread cookie and caramel topping – but with dark chocolate in place of the usual milk chocolate.

It also revived its white chocolate version, Twix White, which was previously available as a seasonal limited-edition, and relaunched Twix Peanut Butter, which replaces the regular Twix’s caramel for a layer of peanut butter.

Mars has previously developed protein-enriched versions of its Mars and Snickers bars, and more recently its Bounty brand, to appeal to consumers looking for a post-workout snack.

In May, it joined an alliance of companies working towards a more sustainable supply chain, having already joined the likes of Nestlé, Ferrero and Lindt in committing to reducing the number of calories inits products by 2022.

The partnership is part of a wider commitment from Mars to ‘finding new ways to ensure our products are sustainable and responsibly sourced’.

The Hershey commitment seeks to reduce the numbers of calories in their products with an aim to make half of their individually wrapped products with fewer than 200 Kcal by 2022.