Milling & Baking Africa is Africa’s No.1 publication for the grains/milling, snacks, baking, animal feed and pet food industry

The industry-focused publication, informs key stakeholders in Africa and beyond of the investment opportunities, new technologies and market trends in Africa’s grain-based industry.

The magazine is the authoritative resource that covers the storage, formulation, production, packaging and distribution of the following:

  • Grains and milled food products
  • Baked goods and snacks
  • Animal feed and aquaculture
  • Pet food products

Milling & Baking Africa magazine enables stakeholders across Africa to discover what is trending within the continent and globally, while enabling international audiences to get to know Africa’s grains industry better and deeper.

The magazine, which is published every two months, reveals unique insights to those interested in Africa’s grains industry through interviews with key stakeholders and also features comprehensive company features of leading start-ups, medium scale, regional giants and multinationals operating in the grains value chain in Africa.

It also features technical articles and commodity updates that enable the industry stakeholders to discover the latest information that they can use to make critical business decisions in a timely manner.

Who are the readers of Milling & Baking Africa magazine?

The readers of the Milling & Baking Africa magazine are investors, managers and professionals in the following sectors of the economy:

  • Manufacturers of grain based products including grain processing, milling, baking, snacks, animal feed and pet food
  • Commercial farmers; grain traders, distributors, exporters and importers
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Government ministries and regulatory agencies
  • NGOs and development organizations in the food and agriculture sector
  • Industry associations and lobbyists
  • Suppliers of storage solutions, post-harvest management, processing and milling equipment, packaging, ingredients and other supply chain products to the grains industry

The first issue of Milling & Baking Africa magazine comes out in June 2022.

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Milling & Baking Africa joins our growing list of food industry focused publications Food Business Africa and Food Safety Africa.