UK- Frozen food company, McCains Foods has announced a new line of frozen potato products designed specifically for air frying, starting with two launches in the UK. 

Mark Hodge, McCain’s Marketing VP, stated the company is the “first frozen potato brand to innovate and create products designed specifically for air fryers 

The two product offerings, the Quick and Crispy Air Fryer (French Fries and Deep Ridge Crinkle Fries) are available in all major retail outlets in the UK. 

The company partnered with air fryer brand Ninja experts to develop the products. 

The air fryer products are variations of the company’s two most popular frozen potato products. The company chose these versions as a strategy for leveraging their existing market acceptance while introducing a new product line. 

McCain’s decision to introduce the product variation was inspired by the increasing popularity and preference of air fryers in the UK. 

According to reports, around 45% of all UK households own an air fryer. The company hopes to leverage this new craze for air fryers.   

Analysts predict a high product uptake among women aged 20 to 55, the company’s primary target market. 

According to the company, the two new products take less than 8 minutes to cook and provide ‘maximum crispiness.’ 

The company views the move as a step forward to the future, a way of adjusting to the significant uptake of air fryers among customers. 

The company is inspired by the continuous need to provide convenient, healthier, and tastier product options.   

The prices of the new products are similar to those offered by competitors in the market. 

The change in product type in line with technology while maintaining price is likely to result in a subtle disruption in the market. 

The pricing strategy is appropriate for markets with low customer loyalty and various product alternatives. 

The company also hopes to disrupt the market using this new product line by offering discounts on the maximum retail prices and incorporating extra-by-weight sales strategies to attract customers.  

Embracing change and innovation remains among the most important strategies for market leaders like McCain. The company controls an estimated 33% of the highly competitive UK potato snacks market. 

The new move reflects the company’s commitment to adapting to the ever-changing consumer preferences and demands. 

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