Meadow Foods acquires edible dairy-based oils manufacturer Roil Foods

UK – Meadow Foods, UK-based producer and supplier of milk and dairy ingredients to the food manufacturing, wholesale, and service industry has acquired Roil Foods for an undisclosed sum.

Meadow supplies dairy products including chocolate crumb, sweetened condensed products, milk, cream, and butter to food manufacturers in the UK.

Roil Foods manufactures dairy products such as ghee and a range of butter oils from anhydrous milk fat (AMF), which can be used in the production of chocolate or other products which require a pure butter flavour.

According to Meadow, the acquisition aims at expanding its dairy product portfolio and enable the brand expand into potential new markets and attract a new pool of customers who are in dire need for dairy products.

Meadow will be able to explore products not in their range but produced by Roil Foods that is, edible dairy-based oils such as organic anhydrous milk fat, concentrated butter and butter ghee.

“This acquisition will further strengthen our portfolio of quality dairy ingredients and marks the next step in the delivery of the ambitious growth plans we have for the business.

There are obvious operational synergies between the businesses and we’re excited by the opportunity to extend our range and reach into new markets and product lines,” said Meadow Foods’ chief executive officer Mark Chantler.

The UK dairy processor acquired the parent company Fayrefield Foods, the dairy arm of Fayrefield Foods, in a situation Fayrefield described as a major dispute over a contract with a customer that led to significant financial loss for both farmers and the company.

However, the transaction worked to further expand Meadow Foods supply not only locally but also internationally.

The acquisitions, together with Meadow’s organic expansion was driven by Meadow Food’s strategy to grow the business.

It would also improve the company’s offering to global customers and expand the packaging range it offered.

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