KENYA – Announcing the exciting news yesterday, communication officer at Meatco’s local markets and value addition department, Thokozile Mdlalose, said it has always been Meatco’s strategy to expand beyond the current Southern African Development Community (SADC) market in Africa.

According to the department: “In the past 25 years our products have mainly featured in South Africa and Botswana, but with the expansion into Nigeria we are creating additional value and increasing our basket offering to an even wider customer base.”

SADC remains a big player in terms of consumption but it is essential that Meatco branches out into West Africa.

“Looking at the demographic spread as well as key players – especially those within the mining and oil industry – the Cattle Man brand range of canned products will cater well to these consumers.

“Last year Meatco partnered with ZEDECK Agencies in South Africa. They helped us formalise the agreement process, since they specialise in dry goods like rice and oil. Their affiliation with Meatco also allows them to sell their goods to a larger consumer group,” Mdlalose said.

Positive feedback received on sample products sent to key clients in Nigeria has resulted in Meatco being ready to export canned products to West Africa.

This is only possible thanks to the strategic involvement of the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for certification and the Namibia Standards Institution who provided accreditation for the Cattle Man product.

Meatco said it is excited that the first shipment would be dispatched to Nigeria shortly and will reach retail markets in approximately three weeks.

The product has also been registered in Ghana and Cameroon, which will allow Meatco to engage in the same demographics.

“Our targets are in place for the next two years, with focus on Nigeria in the first year, and Ghana and Cameroon in the second. We are confident that our market penetration will cause a ripple effect in North Africa, which will serve well as an entry point for Meatco.

This certainly opens up value addition for us in terms of scope for growth in international markets,” Meatco added.

July 5, 2015;