Mile High Food Science launches new R&D facility for wellness beverages

USA – Mile High Food Science, a global innovator and developer of food products and beverages has opened a new R&D facility in Denver, Colorado, USA, for the development of a new generation of functional and wellness beverages

Mile High Food Science has also established a commercial office in Los Angeles, California, as part of its new agreement with wellness beverages innovator Aseppak Global, based on their 18 years of trajectory in developing food and beverages nationally and internationally. 

According to the company, the new “state-of-the-art” facility in Colorado is equipped to develop, test and optimize beverage formulations and active compounds and ingredients.

The facility is also designed to support aseptic processing and testing in line with the best food safety practices in general and for wellness products in particular. Mile High Food Science revealed that it is currently working with top food and beverage firms in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Europe including Cannasoul and Eybna.

Cannasoul, the analytical lab partly owned by Technion Institute of Technology in Tel Aviv, Israel, led by Dr. David Meiri and Dr. Shmuel Mandel, is known worldwide for its biological research into cannabinoids for medical and wellness purposes.

Eybna, the Israeli company with offices in the U.S. and Canada, is specialized in terpene research and development.  Mile High Food Science  noted that it will play an important role as the food and beverage arm of this international partnership led by Aseppak Global.

The new facility will officially open in the metro area of Denver, Colorado, in June 2020. The research team will be led by Brandon and Barbara Shepherd, microbiologists who have been food science leadership for almost two decades working with many of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.

The company added that the commercial office in Los Angeles, California, will also begin operations in June 2020.

Mile High says that the food industry is experiencing new challenges. Food safety is a top priority for consumers, brands and manufacturers. While companies continually innovate, there is a need to mitigate risk and make R&D investments as efficient as possible. 

According to the company, the most typical hurdles both big brands and startups face when launching products are speed to market, waste reduction, ensuring product quality, sustainable raw materials, impactful marketing and delighting consumers with great-tasting products while driving repeat purchases.     

Aseppak Global’s investment into Mile High Food Science looks to address these issues and help pave the way for companies and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas for the booming wellness market.

Some of thier current developments include products specifically designed to address key lifestyle needs through training, sleep-aid, social, appetite management, relaxation and brain boosting formulas, among others.

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