KENYA – The grains, milling, baking and snacks industry in Africa is set to have a new resource in the next month as FoodWorld Media adds a new publication to its food and agriculture focused publications.

This follows the planned introduction of Milling & Baking Africa magazine from September this year, filling a gap in the industry.

“As publishers of industry magazines, we realize that in Africa, milling is one of the most important industries. There could be millions of village based grain mills dotted across the continent, probably more than any other food processing equipment.

Further, there have been increased investments in the latest milling, grain handling and storage infrastructure across the continent over the last few years, as Africa moves towards improving efficiency, safety and capacity of its grain based industries,” says Francis Juma, the magazine’s lead publisher.

“Most of my professional working life has been in the grain industry, at Mini Bakeries immediately after finishing my degree, and then later at Corn Products Kenya (now Ingredion) for nearly 10 years.

What I have realized is that even the most modern plant in Africa shares the same challenges as the one in my village: quality, safety, unreliable supplies of grain and costs that are hard to manage.

I believe this new magazine will be a critical resource for the industry,” he adds.

There is need for appropriate technologies and soft skills that are critical in enabling Africa to provide wholesome, nutritious and safe grains, milled products and baked goods to its population – and a publication is a good avenue to pass on this information.

Milling & Baking Africa magazine is Africa’s grains and commodities processing and packaging resource that is targeted at the grain and commodities trading, processing, packaging and retail industry.

It will highlight the trends, opportunities and challenges in Africa’s grains, milling and baking industry.

The magazine covers technologies and information on grains (maize/corn, wheat, rice, barley, sorghum, teff plus ancient grains) and other commodities including tubers (cassava, yams and potatoes), pulses, coffee and related crops that are of critical importance to Africa.

It also covers the value-addition component of the grains and commodities, including packaged products, flours for human and animal feeding, snacks (extruded and otherwise) and baked goods.

Milling & Baking Africa originally appears as an insert in the September, January and May issues of Food Business Africa magazine, before eventually being released as a stand-alone magazine in future.

By appearing as an insert within the Food Business Africa magazine, Milling & Baking magazine is distributed as a hard copy to the 14 African countries (from Kenya to Ghana, from Nigeria to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia) where Food Business Africa is currently being distributed, offering wide distribution within the Continent to key decision makers in the industry.

The first issue of the magazine is set for release within the September issue of Food Business Africa, in time for distribution at the upcoming IAOM Conference in Ethiopia. 

Milling & Baking Africa magazine becomes the second extension to the Food Business Africa magazine after the introduction of Dairy Business Africa magazine in July 2016 to cover the fast-rising dairy industry in the region.