Milling technology firm Gmach launches high capacity mill plant in Kenya

KENYA – GMach, a leader of milling technologies, delivered a steel-constructed high capacity turnkey milling facility with 500 tons/day capacity in Kenya.

The launch of the milling facility, which features advanced milling technologies, positions GMach as a major solution partner for another large company in Kenya.

The turnkey facility – installed within 18 months period – is designed to operate with a minimum workforce as it integrates the advanced technology and superior engineering.

In addition, it also incorporates fully automated PLC control, remote management, management information systems are some technologies that are set to give the milling company a competitive advantage in the industry.

GMach is already a strong partner for Kenyan investors with turnkey solutions and machinery and has added a new reference project to its portfolio in Africa in its race to increase its footprint in the milling technology across the continent.

GMach machinery are being used in many companies worldwide due to their contribution to production capabilities.

The GMach brand was established by the Genç Değirmen company in 2016 to propagate the the company’s footprint and increase its effectiveness.

Through Gmach, Genç Değirmen has been able to increase its competitiveness across the African marked by its delivery of more than 5 turnkey mills just in Kenya within a three year period.

According an earlier report by the Miller Magazine, A. Kerim Selek, General Manager of Genç Değirmen A.Ş., had noted that the efforts have also seen the firm open offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Maputo, Mozambique seeking to obtain a big share in the African market.

Kerim noted that the GMach brand targets North and South America but has however rapidly entered into European and African markets hence becoming more competitive with its European rivals.

“[by 2017] Genç Değirmen made serious progress in the sector across the world and became competitive with its European rivals.

We showed a growth of 25 percent last year. We established 5 mills only in Kenya,” Kerim noted.

He also unveiled plans of opening a spare part facility in Nairobi and establish roller and indentation bucks there in forthcoming periods.

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