US – Molson Coors Beverage Company has launched a new organic, low-calorie brew targeting health-conscious consumers while its counterpart, Beam Suntory has expanded its Pinnacle Vodka range with the introduction of a new zero-sugar vodka line.

Dubbed Coors Pure, the new beer is Molson Coors’ first alcoholic beverage to be certified as organic by the USDA.

Coors Pure being launched at a time when better-for-you beers are proving to be better performers even as the category at large flags facing the explosion of interest in other alcoholic beverage options such as hard seltzer and wine.

Michelob Ultra, a rival low-calorie brew, has grown to be one of AB InBev’s top-selling beers, even surpassing its flagship Budweiser brand, according to industry estimates.

Molson Coors has tied the marketing of its products to running, leveraging the newfound traction of the exercise as a hobby amid the health crisis.

For National Beer Day (April 7), the marketer deployed professional runners in New York City’s Central Park wearing shirts emblazoned with giant QR codes.

People who got close enough to scan the codes received a rebate for a 12-pack of Coors Pure.

“Coors Pure is the perfect beer for those of us who love running but also sometimes like watching other people run,” the brand’s website reads, adding later that the brew is “organic but chill about it.”

Beam Suntory’s Pinnacle Light & Ripe

Meanwhile, the Chicago-based alcoholic beverages company Beam Suntory has expanded its Pinnacle Vodka range with the introduction of a new zero-sugar vodka line dubbed Pinnacle Light & Ripe.

The range features two flavours: apricot honeysuckle, which combines apricot flavours with honeysuckle undertones; and guava lime, offering notes of juicy guava and lime peel.

Beam Suntory says the new line is made with natural ingredients and contains fewer than 75 calories per 1.5oz serving.

“Pinnacle Light & Ripe strikes the ideal balance between bold flavours and quality ingredients that can be enjoyed any day of the week,” said Ivan Hidalgo, senior marketing director of regional brands at Beam Suntory.

“We made it a priority to incorporate natural ingredients and exclude sugar to create the perfect vodka that allows vodka drinkers to have it all.”

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