CANADA – Molson Coors, a Canadian American multinational drink and brewing company, has announced a US$7.33 million investment in sustainable initiatives at its St. John’s brewery in Newfoundland, Canada. 

The investment will mainly be channelled into acquiring new technologies that will enable the Millers beer brand producer to reduce water and electrical consumption and improve production efficiency at the Canadian brewery.  

The St. John’s brewery currently brews 16 brands, including several Newfoundland and Labrador favourites – India beer, Black Horse, and Dominion Ale, as well as other popular premium brands Molson Canadian, Miller Lite, and Coors Light. 

The brewery has over the past few years received heighted focus from Molson Coors, benefiting from over CAD$33 million in capital investments.  

Its most recent investment, a $10 million upgrade for a bottle washer in early 2023, has resulted in reduced water and electrical consumption, as well as an improvement in production efficiency and a reduction in maintenance costs. 

“Molson Coors has made strategic decisions over the past several years that reflect our unwavering commitment to maintaining a strong and vibrant presence in our brewery communities, including Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Frederic Landtmeters, president of Molson Coors Canada. 

Over the past eight years, process changes such as waste segregation for enhanced recycling (aluminium, glass, paper, and cardboard) and process improvements such as a rejected bottle recovery line, have resulted in 69% less waste being sent to landfill for the St. John’s brewery. 

“Our investments and process improvements have led to a remarkable transformation in our capacity, efficiency, and environmental impact,” said Sean Kennedy, General Manager of Operations for Atlantic Canada. 

“Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has not only reduced our carbon footprint but also increased our brewing and packaging capabilities, allowing us to better meet the demands of our loyal consumers and customers,” he added. 

Molson Coors positive third-quarter results 

The investment announcement comes just after Molson Coors delivered another quarter of strong results, growing net revenue by 12.4%. 

The strong performance was driven by double-digit top and bottom-line growth across business units, as well as benefit from lower interest costs. 

“Our third-quarter results represent another quarter of incredible growth across our global business and we are on track to deliver a second straight year of top and bottom-line growth,” president and CEO Gavin Hattersley said. 

Molson Coors is also accelerating its move beyond beer products with more investments planned in non-alcoholic offerings as consumers trend toward health and wellness.  

“Some consumers especially younger people in their 20s are focusing on wellness. This change in behaviour plays into the company’s strategy,” said Gavin. 

The Coor’s light producer will look to boost sales volume through its partnership with Kyle Field, a deal that will see the brewing company replace Anheuser-Busch as the official beer sponsor for the maroon and white.