USA- Mondelez International Inc, renowned for its popular snack brands like Oreo and Chips Ahoy, is stepping up its game in China amidst a backdrop of rising disposable incomes and evolving consumption patterns. 

The company has also announced plans to boost this initiative by broadening its snack catalog and introducing new variations to some of their brands, such as Oreo Airy Cake.

The groundbreaking work for this expansion process had already been laid, as Mondelez had already invested 53 million yuan (US$ 7.3 million) to establish an intelligent warehousing center in Beijing before the announcement.

According to a statement from Mondelez, Chinese consumers can anticipate the launch of a selection of these new varieties by the second half of the year – the company is actively collaborating with its partners to bring these delectable treats to the market. 

Recognizing the shifting consumer landscape in China, Grace Zhu, Vice President of Marketing and Growth for China at Mondelez, highlighted the company’s commitment to adapting to evolving consumption trends.

“Last year, we carried out a survey on shoppers across various channels. Previously, we assumed that consumers might shop across seven different channels, but our findings show that this number has increased to 12,” said Zhu.

The company also highlighted how traditional retail formats have evolved, and that they are keen on tailoring its offerings to meet diverse consumer preferences.

For instance, membership stores and snack outlets catering to young consumers in smaller cities are gaining traction, emphasizing the need for curated selections and high-quality products at competitive prices.

With over a decade of investment exceeding 1 billion yuan (US$ 138.2 million) in China, and a  global sales revenue of $36.02 billion in 2023, Mondelez says that they remain committed to driving digital transformation and sustainable growth in the market. 

Looking ahead, the company is charting its course for the future by studying projected consumer lifestyles and snacking habits expected by 2030. 

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