MOROCCO – Morocco’s renowned Moroccan Beverage Company (SBM), a subsidiary of the French beverage giant Castel Group, has announced a pivotal decision that will alter the landscape of the beverage industry in the country.

SBM has revealed that it will not be renewing its production and distribution license agreement for Heineken products, a partnership that has endured for years, with the license set to expire in December 2023.

This momentous decision, made through mutual consent between the two partners, marks a significant shift in the Moroccan beverage market.

Heineken products have played a substantial role in SBM’s operations, accounting for a notable 17% of the company’s total sales in 2022.

However, SBM has expressed confidence that the gap left by Heineken will be seamlessly filled by brands from the Castel Group, which stands as the second-largest brewer in Africa.

SBM, a publicly traded entity on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1919.

Originally a subsidiary of the SNI Group, the company came under the wing of the Castel Group in 2003. The Castel Group, an illustrious French industrial conglomerate, has been a prominent player in the beverage sector since its inception in 1949.

In a statement, the Castel Group emphasized its enduring commitment to delivering well-recognized and beloved brands to consumers, a tradition it has upheld since its establishment over seven decades ago.

The group affirmed its intention to focus on the development and promotion of locally rooted brands in Morocco.

Sebastien Yves-Menager, the CEO of Castel Group, reflected on the conclusion of the partnership with SBM, acknowledging the valuable insights and investments made by both sides.

He praised SBM’s dedication to training its teams and its commitment to maintaining a state-of-the-art industrial facility, that aligns with international standards.

For over a century, SBM has proudly produced Moroccan beers in its Casablanca factory, serving the Moroccan market with high-quality beverages.

Yves-Menager expressed his contentment with the support of the group’s shareholders and the Castel Group, expressing unwavering confidence in SBM’s capacity to flourish through innovation and the promotion of iconic Moroccan brands.

While the decision signifies a significant transition for SBM, it also underscored the company’s commitment to satisfying its customers and championing “Made in Morocco” products.

Despite the prominence of the beverage industry, a recent report from Insider Monkey has shed light on an interesting statistic.

Approximately 95% of Moroccans do not consume alcohol, ranking Morocco at the 11th position on a global list of countries with the lowest alcohol consumption levels.

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