MOROCCO – The National Association of Producers of Eggs for Consumption unveiled on January 15 that Morocco produced 5.2 billion eggs in 2015, or 160 eggs per capita per year, thus ensuring Morocco’s self-sufficiency in this commodity.

The association announced on January 15, National Egg Day, that Morocco had doubled its production of eggs over the past 10 years and production now meets 100 percent of the domestic demand for eggs.

In recent years, Morocco has begun to export eggs to a number of African countries, realizing revenues estimated at MAD 5 billion.

Egg production also provides about 12,000 direct jobs as well as another 30,000 indirect jobs through a massive network of marketing and distribution.

Investments in this sector have reached MAD 2.2 billion in recent years, according to the association.

This has made it possible to create an additional 240 large farms for egg production, licensed in accordance with law 49-99 governing health protections concering poultry farms, production control and marketing of poultry products.

Moroccans consume a total of 5.3 billion eggs a year, translating to about 160 eggs per person per year.

This figure includes all the kinds of eggs distributed in the Moroccan market.

Egg producers now seek to double Moroccan egg consumption to reach the level of consumption in other countries, such as Tunisia and Spain.   

Annual egg consumption in these countries is estimated at 384 eggs per capita.

Morocco’s per capita consumption of eggs increased from only 21 eggs per year in 1970 to 156 per person in 2013, and then 160 in 2015, according to the association.

January 18, 2017;