UK – UK supermarket retailer, Morrisons has joined the Arla UK 360 farm standards program as part of the initiative to enhance sustainable practices across its entire supply chain.

As a result of the commitment, Morrison will directly support 200 Arla farmer owners to deliver across the eight farm business areas identified in the 360 programs as key to help driving a supply chain that works for everyone.

Arla owners aligned to Morrisons will also transition to the Arla UK 360 standards in the coming months with a target to have reached these by October 2019.

The program spells out best practices in animal welfare, people development, environmental and natural resources, community engagement as well as economic reinvestment among farmers.

“It is hugely significant that Morrisons is supporting the Arla UK 360 programme across all of its Arla supplied milk,” said Graham Wilkinson, Agriculture Director at Arla Foods UK.

“This level of support for our farmer owners creates real scale to the to the Arla UK 360 programme and its continued development.”

It also involves best standards in grazing, recycling of farm waste and use of artificial intelligence in animal care.

Arla UK 360 farm standards program was recently recognized at leading industry awards as an innovative farming approach that benefits everyone.

It not only brings together best practice and standards but also establishes a platform to partner with retailers and foodservice companies on R&D projects.

“The more support we can secure for the Arla UK 360 programme, the greater the number of Arla’s farmer owners that can participate,” said Morrisons aligned owner and member of Arla’s Board of Directors.

“Creating one standard for our customers that leads the UK industry, provides increased financial return for farmers and flexibility for research and development to continuously improve our industry.

“We are delighted that Morrisons will be investing in Arla UK 360 across its entire Arla milk supply meaning around 200 farmers will benefit from their additional support.”

The move comes after Arla Foods announced a commitment to achieve carbon net zero dairy by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% per kilo of milk over the next decade.