UK – Morrisons, UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain has opened up its beef supply chain to help its associated farmers transition to Arla UK 360 standard.

The move will see bull calves from Morrisons’ dairy suppliers its dairy suppliers participating in the Arla UK 360 programme integrated into its beef supply chain.

Dairy farmers supported by Morrisons to participate in Arla UK 360, will also be able to sell bull and beef calves into the calf rearing units of Buitelaar Production, Morrisons beef rearing partners.

Belgian and British Blue crossed breeds may go on to form part of Morrisons beef supply chain.

“As we work with Arla farmers making the transition to the Arla UK 360 standards we see the extensive efforts they are making,” said Morrisons Agricultural Manager, Sophie Throup.

“As we own our own abattoirs and end to end meat production, we saw an opportunity to connect the supply chains to support our dairy farmers even more.

“Having worked with Buitelaar since 2009 on developing the dairy beef market, we already have a good working relationship to build on through the extended programme for Morrisons Arla farmers.”

Based on Arla UK 360 standards, no healthy calf can be shot or slaughtered before eight weeks of age thus farmers will be able to benefit from the program’s home care program.

Launched in October last year, the new farming standards model incorporates best practice in today’s dairy farming across animal health and welfare, people development, environment and natural resources, community engagement and economic resilience and reinvestment.

Aldi was the first UK grocery retailer to sign up to the programme supporting selected group of Arla’s owners to deliver the standards on farm.

“This move by Morrisons to open up its supply chain to further support our owners, represents everything the Arla UK 360 programme envisioned,” said Graham Wilkinson, Agriculture Director Arla Foods UK.

“Arla’s farmer owners see opportunities to evolve farming if we make a supply chain that works for everyone.

“This decision and the support through the supply chain with Buitelaar is the perfect example of how bigger change can be delivered in agriculture if we all work together.”

In its latest development, Arla UK 360 farmers are trialing 3D imagery systems to monitor the cow wellbeing by using data recording and artificial intelligence.