KENYA – Parliament has summoned Ministry of Environment principal secretary Charles Sunkuli over the intended ban on plastic bottles in what could delay the process.

The National Environment and Management Authority (Nema) announced it was drafting a gazette notice that would see plastic bottles ban effected by April 30.

The environment watchdog said it will effect the ban if plastic bottles manufacturers will not have come up with a plan on how to recycle the bottles.

“We have summoned the PS Environment so that we can have engagement over the intended ban of plastic bottles. We need to be updated as lawmakers before the ban is effected,” said Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki, the chairman of the National Assembly Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

Mr Mbiuki said while the committee is not opposed to the ban, it is important that all stakeholders including MPs and the public are brought on board.

“Bringing all stakeholders on board will ensure that we are all adequately informed about the move,” he said yesterday after members elected Ijara MP Sofia Abdi Noor as the deputy committee chair.

Nema’s plan on the ban has since been overruled by Mr Sunkuli’s announcement that there are no immediate plans to get rid of plastic bottles.

Mr Sunkuli clarified that the immediate plan is to prohibit use of plastic straws and plans are underway to gazette the ban.

Kenya banned plastic bags last year on August 28, and anyone found selling, manufacturing or carrying them could face fines of up to Sh4 million or a prison sentence of up to four years.

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