Muller enters natural yogurt category with two new variants in the UK

UK – UK’s leading dairy products brand, Muller has launched its ‘first-ever’ line of natural yogurt in the UK, to offer consumers delightful and wide yoghurt portfolio.

The new variants, Müllerlight Natural and Müllerlight Greek Style Natural expands the company’s Official Yogurt of British Athletics range into a yogurt category that Muller has been absent.

According to Muller, the natural range is fat free, high in protein and has no added sugar, something that makes it ideal for consumers who want healthy and at the same time great-tasting products.

Müllerlight Greek Style Natural will be available in 450g ‘big pot’ format, retailing at US$2.10 (£1.60) in Asda, Sainbury’s and Morrisons starting March 17.

Müllerlight Natural will be available in a single 175g format retailing at US$0.98 (£0.75) while a six-pack format will be available in select retail stores retailing at US$5.36 (£4.09).

“We’re proud to have the two most popular yogurt brands in the UK, and we’re investing in our capabilities, our people and brands to ensure we maintain this leadership position,” said Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer at Müller.

“We’ll grow the category by bringing Müllerlight into a segment where it has been absent.

Whether eaten on its own, or with fruit, nuts, or granola, we think this product will appeal to everyone, especially those following various weight management programmes.

“It’s another exciting milestone for us as we continue to inspire people to live happier and healthier lifestyles.

It is not only natural and delicious, but it’s fat free, high in protein, contains 0% added sugar and is made with British milk.”

The launch will be supported by an ongoing Müllerlight multimedia campaign, featuring Müller brand ambassador, Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Muller said it will remove all added sugar from its core Müllerlight yogurt range in May 2019, reducing the total sugar content by up to 28%.

The company has also developed a unique yogurt culture by combining two yogurt strains to reduce sugar content in its yogurts.

It claimed that the new strain could allow the company to reduce sugar content in its Müller Corner range by 9%.

This forms part of the £100 million (US$131.24 million) investment programme, which aims to develop “a new generation of yogurt and dessert products” in line with changing consumer preferences in three years.

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