UK – Dairy enterprise Müller has announced a new dairy business development scheme to help ambitious young farmers build vibrant dairy businesses for the future.

The initiative, Muller Direct Next Generation involves 25 Müller Direct young farmers who possess three years’ experience on the farm with the potential to create thriving dairy businesses.

The scheme was preceded by other initiatives such as Müller Farm Insight and the Müller Direct Futures Contract option in 2017 aimed at providing a better future platform for the Müller Direct farmers.

The beneficiaries will enjoy a three-year period of bespoke training on everything from benchmarking and market analysis, to business improvement planning.

Muller will give full support and funding to the dairy company which will work directly with the young farmers.

The company investment plans to expand its UK network of dairies would enable build an additional US$857 million worth of sales of dairy products made with milk from British farmers, by 2020.

The group will meet three times per year and will serve as a forum, enabling the farmers to share knowledge and best practice.

“This is another valuable initiative for Müller Direct Farmers, this time focussing on the next generation.

Müller is investing significantly to ensure that consumers will be able to buy more and more added value dairy products that are made in Britain with milk from British farms.

We need to maintain a long term and progressive milk supply and Müller Direct Next Generation will help ambitious young farmers build the thriving dairy businesses of the future,” said Rob Hutchison, Milk Supply Director at Müller.