UNITED KINGDOM – Muller has decided to disrupt the plain yogurt sector in the UK by incorporating its new White Velvet range in the market as part of its expansion process.

While plain yogurt consumption is higher in the mainland Europe, Müller believes that a significant opportunity for growth in sales will come as a result of this new launch.

The new line described as ‘thick, smooth and creamy’, focuses on drawing in the non-plain yogurt shoppers and eventually expanding the sector.

The White Velvet will be available in 450g pot format from 25 September in an original and light valiant, each retailing at $1.60.

Müller chief marketing officer Michael Inpong said: “We’re excited to breakdown the taste barrier that exists in this market. By taking plain yogurt, making it deliciously smooth, thick and creamy, we’re revolutionising the sector Müller style.

It’s important to offer consumers choice and for those looking for a fat-free version, Müller White Velvet Light original is a delicious alternative.

“Our goal is to make plain yogurt more relevant throughout the day, and to attract new shoppers who trust us to deliver exceptional taste.

We’ve just announced that we will be continuing our strong relationship with British Athletics until 2019, and this launch is another really exciting moment for the business.

To support the launch, Müller will invest in a multimedia campaign, including a new TV advert starring Nicole Scherzinger, a famous actress and television personality that will go live in November.