Muller unveils US$128m cost and margin improvement program

UK – Müller Milk & Ingredients has launched a new US$128.71 million (£100m) program to promote cost and margin initiatives meant to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for the business.

Called ‘Project Darwin’, the initiative involves a comprehensive review of every aspect of the company operations, logistics, back office and people organisation, all looking to improve value for consumers, customers, employees and farmers.

According to the milk supplier, these in the long run will help in reducing cost, improve customer focus and accountability.

the 12-month project which is already underway covers manufacturing, logistics, products, procurement, people and customer relationships.

Patrick Müller, CEO of Müller Milk & Ingredients said the program will help Muller best adapt to the changing market environment by becoming a customer centric, agile and simpler business.

He revealed that the company has already started the process by securing important new long-term strategic partnerships with customers.

“Fresh milk is loved by British families with 96% of UK households having milk in their fridges.

But the market environment has changed significantly due to global dairy market volatility, decline in consumption and changes in retailing and we need to adapt and return to sustainable levels of profitability so that fresh milk can continue to be part of the fabric of British life.

“We have the best invested network in our industry and aim to be the leading fresh milk processor in the country for years to come.

We’ve invested in unique and class leading propositions in farm to fridge product quality and shelf life.

We have fully recyclable packaging including securing 50% of Britain’s stocks of recycled HDPE for use in bottles, efficient dairies and innovative ways of working with farmers to help protect them from market volatility,” said Patrick Müller.

The development comes amidst a series of other initiatives by the company, including reducing 9% of sugar in Muller Corner brand, by using a new yoghurt culture.

Other initiatives include a partnership with leading UK supermarket chain to increase the amount of milk sourced sustainably.

The company recently unveiled a new lightweight recyclable milk cap that aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

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