ZAMBIA – A K2-million honey processing factory, with a production capacity of 35,000 tonnes per year, has been set up in North-Western Province.

The honey processing plant, which was set up by the community in Chief Ntambu’s area, was commissioned in Mwinilunga last month.

The honey processing facility will enhance the production of the product and provide a sustained market for bee-keepers.

The Ntambu honey factory was established with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Danish Small Grants programme and the Zambian government.

The US$120,000 was released by the UNDP, US$39,000 came from the Danish, while the K50,000 was provided by the Zambian government.

The capital investment went towards the construction of the factory and acquisition of processing equipment.

Chief Ntambu said in an interview that the factory will not only add value to honey as a foreign currency-earner but will also provide jobs for the locals and ultimately improve household incomes.

“The community is endowed with honey and most of the honey goes to waste. So we decided to add value to the product and also generate income for the community,” he said.

Chief Ntambu said the factory is targeting both the local and international markets.

He said value addition to honey has potential to reduce rural poverty. About six jobs have since been created at the factory.

November 11, 2015;