ZAMBIA – Nakonde will soon have the first ever milling plant set up at a cost of K900,000. The plant will operate as Nakonde Milling.

Nakonde Milling director Abuid Simaye said in an interview recently that the plant has been set up with a loan acquired from the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Mr Simaye said the plant, which is located on the Mbala-Nakonde road, will start production of mealie meal on September 20, this year.

He said the milling plant project has been fulfilled as a result of Government’s policies which aim at empowering the youths in the country.

“This project started in 2014 when I applied for funds from the CEEC, and I was picked as one successful applicant. This goes to show how much this Government is eager to empower the youths in the country regardless of one’s political affiliation,” Mr Simaye said.

Mr Simaye said Nakonde Milling has a workforce of 25 who are working on the pilot project but that he intends to increase the number of people employed at the milling plant once it is fully operational.

He also said apart from creating employment opportunities for the locals, the people of Nakonde will now boast of having their own milling plant as the mealie meal that they have always consumed was not locally produced.

Mr Simaye said the milling plant will also be producing stock feed and that the production capacity is 500 bags of mealie meal and 215 bags of stock feed per day.

“Apart from producing mealie meal, we will also be producing stock feed under the brand name “Lion Feed”. I believe this will boost the poultry and livestock sector in the district,” he said.

And district Commissioner Field Simwiinga is happy with this development.

Mr Simwiinga said the setting up of the first ever milling plant in the district was a sign of economic reforms in Nakonde.

August 3, 2016;