Company Name: Namibian Breweries

Product Name: Horizon Beer

Product Type: Alcohol free beer

Namibia Breweries has introduced one of its exciting and latest innovations, ‘Horizon’ – a non-alcoholic flavoured beer to provide more choice to local beer consumers, according to the company’s Global Marketing Manager, Rene Duffy.

NBL Global Innovation Manager, Megan Zondagh, says Horizon is a range of expertly brewed, premium tasting Non-alcoholic beers with an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of less than 0.5%. Zondagh: 

“With global and local trends pointing towards a greater focus on health and wellbeing, consumers are actively looking to reduce their alcohol intake at selected occasions. Horizon offers a refreshing option for this consumer. Inherent to this offering is the recognition of a world where choice needs to reflect the diverse palate of consumers, while ensuring that every flavour delivers on the beer drinking experience.”

The beer comes in 330ml bottles and 500ml cans and is offered in three flavours: Lemon, Apple and Berries.