National craft beer associations form Independent Brewers of Europe partnership

EUROPE – European craft brewing associations Independent Brewers of Ireland, The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), Syndicat National des BrasseursIndépendants (SNBI), Unionbirrai, Scanian Beverage Producers, Det Fri Øl, and Craft Brewers Netherlands have formed the Independent Brewers of Europe (IBE).

According to Food & Drinks Insight, the partnership will represent craft brewing associations from various parts of Europe, including France, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

The Czech-Moravian Microbreweries Association and La Asociacion Española de Cerveceras Artesanas Independientes (AECAI) are also part of the IBE.

These bodies each represent small, independent craft brewers from their respective regions.

“We’re very pleased to see progress in establishing a much-needed voice for independent brewing organisations across Europe.

The craft beer revolution has spread across the continent and with more than 5,000 breweries the sector is well-placed to supply the diverse range of high-quality beers demanded by today’s discerning drinkers,” said SIBA’s CEO Mike Benner.

“We know that beer drinkers in the UK care about the provenance of beers and it’s clear that the same applies across Europe.”

Food and Wine reported that the group also potentially has room for expansion, as Mike Benner, chief executive of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), suggested that Europe is home to “well over 5,000 breweries” in total continent-wide.

With around 2,000 member breweries, IBE expects to represent the growing proportion of Europe’s brewers that are engaged in the production of local artisan beers.

IBE aims to become a key point of contact for European institutions and field representatives that voice their concerns on issues relating to regulation, taxation and access to the market.

With the deadline for Brexit drawing near, the formation of the IBE also takes on additional importance for SIBA and the British beer market in general.

“As the UK’s exit from the EU draws closer I’m pleased that we will be able to work with groups similar to SIBA to the commercial benefit of our members, sharing best practice and ideas to help develop the sector for all,” Benner added.

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