Naturex signs agreement with Cura for innovative Koji fermented minerals

FRANCE – Naturex has entered into an agreement with Cura Global Health Inc. to ensure that their customers in the dietary supplement and functional food markets are supplied with innovative Koji fermented minerals solutions.

The agreement was made via Naturex’s Innovation program (Ingenium) launched in 2016 to source innovative ideas through partnerships with new start-up companies whose technologies and business ideas may help drive its innovative strategy.

Accprding to the company, this move follows a report by the World Health Organization which highlighted the need to fill the world iron deficiency gap allegedly due to lack of innovation and limited consumer awareness.

Koji has developed a number of products including Aspiron Natural Koji Iron to address iron deficiency associated with poor diet, loss of blood, the body being unable to efficiently absorb iron or when the body cannot make or destroy red blood cells normally.

Cura Global is a health company that manufactures natural Organic Minerals with “Clean Label”.

The company has made a stride in investing in innovations through new technologies that has changed the way the world view diet supplements and fortification.

Development of innovative proprietary source of natural organic minerals called Aspiron Natural Koji Minerals, has painted Cura as an ideal source for the natural and organic, functional food, fortified food and supplement markets because of their unique composition and clean label.

Cura reported that estimated sales of the global nutrition industry were over US$346 billion in the year 2012.

With the partnership, the two companies will develop strong distribution channels to deliver Cura’s range of naturally-fermented, vegan-friendly, easy to digest and bioavailable whole food minerals.

“Cura is excited to partner with Naturex to help bring Koji Minerals to the market. Naturex has a global sales presence, a distribution reach, and a professional team, making them an ideal partner.

Together we will be able to deliver high quality, efficacious minerals that enhance human health and people’s lives,” said Dr. Bruce Wicking, President & CEO, Cura.

Naturex and Cura have confirmed their commitment to drive growth in this sector given increased consumer demand for fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, and sake made from Koji (Aspergillus oryzae).

Based on Koji fermentation, Naturex was also launching two new products that is, iron with optimal bioavailability and slow release effect and a blend of seven minerals (Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Molybdenum, Chromium) particularly suitable for the multiminerals segment.

According to Naturex’s Nutrition & Health VP, Timothée Olagne, fermented foods are being received well by consumers globally due to global discoveries around gut health and microbiota and the partnership with Cura was a perfect march to exploit the brewing fermentation trend.

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