NBC delivers multi-million dollar water projects to Kano State as part of CSR initiative

NIGERIA – The Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria and a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Limited (CCHBC) has inaugurated several CSR water projects in Kano State worth over US$ 4 million.

According to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the firm signed with the state, the completed projects will benefit over one million people living around the area where the company has its operations.

The projects presented to the people include refurbished Kano State Water Board Laboratory in Panshekara, the provision of Ultra-modern Water Testing equipment for the laboratory, two Tube Wells drilled and connected to the Main Water Supply Network that directly provides water to about one million residents around the Madobi area and the provision of Water Supply to Challawa community.

In addition, the company facilitated the training of senior managers from the Kano State Water Board on Performance Management and Team Maintenance.

The company also laid 15 kilometres of new environmentally friendly High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water pipe lines and conducted training for Kano State Water Board (KBSWB) technicians trained on maintenance of the special HDPE Pipes.

The company which has been operating in the state since 1982 said that the provision of the facilities and projects is a fitting reward for the tremendous goodwill and relentless support it has received from Kano State Government and its people since it started doing business in the state.

Managing Director, Nigerian Bottling Company, George Polymenakos stated, “We believe that our communities are the bedrock of our business. If our communities are healthy, prosperous and sustainable, only then can our business become strong and grow.’’

‘’This is why we invest in viable programs such as these to develop the productive capacity of the people and drive the sustainable development of our communities”, he said.

General Manager, Productions of the State Water Board, Ibraheem Saad, expressed gratitude to NBC for its unwavering commitment and support from the conceptualization of the projects to their successful execution and that these investments would provide lasting solution to the water challenges confronting parts of the state.

Group Quality, Safety & Environment Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC), Zoltan Syposs who was part of the conceptualization of the idea that birthed the projects commended the Kano State Government alongside NBC team on the successful completion saying that the projects form part of Coca-Cola Hellenic 2025 commitment that is focused on making the environment sustainable.

Recently NBC became the first recipient of the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship Gold Certification award in recognition of its responsible use of freshwater in a socially, economically and environmentally beneficial way

Alliance for Water Stewardship is a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, NGOs and the public sector.

The members contribute to the sustainability of local water-resources through their adoption and promotion of a universal framework for the sustainable use of water.

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